Thursday, September 9, 2010

More Good Eats

Well, I've been sick with this bronchitis for eleven days now, and over the last few days I've ingested maybe 500 calories' worth of foodstuffs altogether. Not that I haven't tried eating; it's just that said foodstuffs won't stay in my stomach for long. So this seems like an ironically fit occasion to put up a couple pictures of foodstuffs I normally like to eat.

I was supposed to use white wine to sauté the Brussels sprout halves in the bottom picture, but I happened to have only red wine on hand at the time (Sangria, I think), and I'm not enough of a gourmet/stickler to go out and buy a bottle just so I could add the right color wine to some stir-fried vegetables. And actually, I think the redness of the flat sides adds visual appeal that would not have been there with white wine.

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