Monday, September 20, 2010

And Still More Good Eats

Couple of slices of pig heaven.

Probably sounds weird, but I got used to thinking of chicharrones as a kind of diet food. On certain days I would get a real hankering for the crunchy, delectable snack -- I would pick some up on the way home from work, and by the time I got home I would be positively slavering with anticipation. I'd sprinkle some chili powder on it and dive straight into a dishful, wash it down with a mug of ice-cold beer -- and that would be my dinner. Since I'm usually iffy about the other two meals, on these days the pork cracklin's and the liquid bread would be my only meal of the day. I totally recommend this diet to anyone who wants to lose weight eating and drinking like a fun-loving pirate (albeit one with scurvy -- to keep that unpleasant condition at bay one should eat lots of fresh, homemade salsa, as in the second photo).

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