Sunday, February 12, 2012


I have on a number of occasions explained to the curious that one way to understand Avidya is to think of it as a self-administered act of exorcism.  The multifarious faces can be considered the suppressed, negative elements within my own psyche that needed to be expressed, which have been assigned visible form and externalized (in a similar way, I think the Daimon photos are expressions of other psychic elements as well, but they remain more mysterious);  I used to think of this process as a kind of purging, but now I realize that is not what it is.  Giving aspects of the inner mind external form does not relocate them 'out there' like moving Lego blocks around, nor do I think they should be, even if such a thing were possible.  Anyway, I don't think these are necessarily 'negative' in the sense of being bad.  Perhaps it is better to think of it as a process of familiarization.  Meeting the inner me, in other words.

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