Monday, February 20, 2012

The Fall Of Lucifer

Something I started years ago, inspired by William Blake's Bible illustrations and -- well, pretty much everything else he did - and also Max Beckmann's Falling Man (with apologies to both masters).  I just took it out and dusted it off today.  I quite like the conceptualization;  I don't remember why I rolled it up and put it away unfinished.

That broken chain around Lucifer's ankle was a mistake, though.  It isn't really necessary to show his subjugation, and it kind of makes it seem he is hanging rather than falling.  I'm going to have to paint it out.  Also, I'm going to add stars to the space around him, to show he is falling through material space, having been cast out of God's spiritual realm.  The strange mechanistic shapes to either side are intended to show that the Bright One has been exiled to the world of reason and material law, our world that is, which Blake equated to hell.

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  1. The conceptual part of your art is what makes this most interesting to my eye. I too like to create from the realm of the moment.

    It is like the many paintings I have stored in my garage at the moment. They look at me as I take out the trash. They haunt me! ...and sometimes I feel like picking them up and finishing them...

    Wherever it takes you to finish your art product, please let me know when you are done...

    my name is Jesse

    1. Thanks Jesse, I really do want to finish this piece. There are some major changes I have to make, though. It may take a while, but when it's finished I certainly will let you know. Again, thanks for commenting!