Thursday, February 16, 2012

Rainy Day


It rained today.  That means heavy cloud cover -- and that, of course, means Cloud Creatures.  I guess the conditions that promote the formation of clouds, also attracts them.  Either that, or there is something in clouds they want.  Anyway, I was rewarded with a few really interesting images of CCs in action.  Take a gander at this one -- it's almost apocalyptically dramatic, yet beautiful:

 And this very unusual one -- I'm not certain, but I think I caught a pair of CCs engaged in the act of mating:

Maybe I should have prefaced that one with an 'Adults Only' warning^^.  And while shooting this next, 'Jawa with a gun'-looking individual...

...I noticed a tiny speck floating there among the clouds, which turned out to be an extremely gonzo object -- a novelty balloon, perhaps..?  Anyhow, below are the three best of the several shots I took of the thing before it was lost to sight.  Each full image is followed by a detail.

And finally, I noticed this spooky-looking face, seemingly staring at me--

I hope it was just curious.

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