Tuesday, July 6, 2010



That previous pic with the masks is a detail from a larger piece titled 'Avidya'. Now I'm posting the rest of the piece. I know, the image quality is not so great. That's because the one and only time this piece was properly displayed on a gallery wall many years ago, I couldn't afford to hire a professional to take a proper photograph; so I took these shots myself with an old(pre-digital) camera(that I dropped once) on a tripod, using ambient light+one tungsten bulb and moving the camera over each time. I then scanned the prints into my computer, adjusted the sizes in Paint program, printed them out and literally taped them together to make one big panoramic photo(the piece is very long horizontally). I've yet to scan THAT photo into my computer, so I can only show it piecemeal like this.

In case you were wondering, these are 1000 faces in the piece - 1001 if you count the one in the mouth of the big mask in the center separately. It's the result of 10 years of work, off and on, during which time I had them arrayed on the floor of my studio. They've been accidentally trampled on by a repairman(how a person can not see hundreds of little faces staring up at them from the floor, I'll never know), peed on by my cat when I didn't change his litter box promptly, and trampled on again(this time deliberately) by my model's toddler son.

They also served as my emotional diary during the period when I was seeing a psychotherapist. Each time I went in for my weekly session I'd have the week's output of faces with me(a great motivator to work steadily), and my therapist would begin the session by reading their faces, just like a physiognomist.

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