Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Could Be A Glitch In The Matrix

Probably most people have toyed with the notion that we, or the world, may not be as 'real' as we think.  Religious philosophers, TV writers, and the mentally disturbed have all asked such questions as:  #1. If we are but thoughts in a dreaming god's mind, what would happen to us when he wakes?;  #2. What if the life someone thinks they are living is a fantasy conjured up by a sick brain, and in reality that person is shut away in a cell in an asylum?;  #3. Will that 7-11 still be there when I turn the corner and can't see it any more?

I was checking out unused photographs from the past year to see if I might still want to post some of them, when I came across the image below.  It first caught my eye because of the EXIT sign rather humorously pointing away vaguely, but it also looked odd for some reason -- then I realized why:  somehow the sign seems to be casting a shallow shadow on the sky, as if the sky were a flat backdrop immediately behind it.  Is it some kind of speed blur?  But in that case I have no idea why the writing is perfectly sharp, and only the trailing edge of the sign would have the blur after it.  Maybe it really is a shadow..?^

Maybe the sign is a special 'Matrix-proof' artifact, placed there by a secret underground cell of 'awake' ones, and it should be taken literally.

Matrix engineers, you've been caught napping!


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