Sunday, January 20, 2013

An Amusing And Touching Dream

This morning I dreamt that this fiery dragon-cloud from 2010

came back.  I was just walking along, and I looked up and there it was.  But it was in the bright sun of the day, not in the evening, and the dragon was 'flipped', facing right, so it looked more like this:

plus it was tipped so that its new orientation was more of a proper flying-forward position rather than one of falling or rising.  Right away I took out my camera and took a number of shots to document this wonderful, rare phenomenon for this blog^.
I must say, the theme of returning to one's origins after a long period away or being found after being lost, is one that touches me deeply.  I have often fantasized a novel that begins with the protagonist entering a room and saying "Hello" to someone, beginning a long complicated series of events, then the plot coming full circle and ending with the protagonist again entering a room and saying "Hello" to the same person.

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