Sunday, January 6, 2013

Another Random Floating Object

Still another 'RFO' (^^) from 2012 -- it was a windy day in March and I just happened to look up and see this whatsis fluttering across the gap between two high-rises, from right to left.  To see it in the full shots you'll need to expand the photos and look hard in the horizontal middle third band.  Makes me wonder what we don't see happening up there every day, just because we don't happen to look up at just the right moment.

Here are the details from each shot (plastic bag again?  Check here and here).

A few years ago at work there was a drill for emergency evacuation.  Everyone filed out in orderly fashion and congregated at designated areas away from the building.  While we were all milling around doing nothing in particular, I happened to look up, and I saw a tiny, bright spot steadily moving across the sky.  As I watched its progress I soon became aware of another, similar spot trailing it, some distance behind the first object but in the same path.  As far as I could tell, their movements were absolutely regular, and the distance between them never changed.  My thought at the time was that they were low-orbit satellites -- but now that I think about it, satellites wouldn't be so close together;  it's more likely that they were special, extremely high-altitude aircraft, probably military.

Anyway, the point is that I pointed them out to the people immediately around me, and to my surprise none of them showed any interest at all.  You would think people would be very interested in such novelties... but then again, maybe not.

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