Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hummingbird In Winter

When I found out that hummingbirds hunt insects for a living (the nectar-drinking is just to fuel their blurry-fast wings) and that while some species migrate to warmer regions for the winter months, others winter in California, I was surprised and delighted.  Turns out, they are tough little predators!

Anyway, several days ago I happened upon a hummingbird in a tree while out on a walk and was able to take a shot of it before it flew off.  It was a rare treat because I had not seen any hummingbirds for months, and was not expecting to see any until next summer.  Then Monday evening I spent a good half-hour searching for the photo, but it proved maddeningly and mystifyingly elusive.

This afternoon as I walked again through the area where I took the shot I began to wish the creature would return for another take;  and Lo! -- like magic, a hummingbird zoomed in out of the blue and alighted on a branch of the tree directly in front of me.  Again, I had just enough time to take one shot.  So I guess this photo could well be posted under Synchronicity.

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