Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I-Witness: 2 Angels

When I went to South Korea for vacation a couple of years ago, I got to visit Jeju-do. It seemed the local government was making a concerted effort to market the island province as a tourist destination, touting all kinds of man-made attractions and natural points of interest.

One of them was a rather imposing pavilion built next to a bridge. The bridge crosses a stream that includes a pretty pool into which empties a small waterfall.

The legend is that fairy maidens used to come down from Heaven (not really the same as the western idea of fairies or angels though) to bathe in the pool. There is a large plaque there that shows them in flagrante in relief. A nice little story, and a nice bit of elegant kitsch for the tourists, I thought...

Then I looked up at the evening sky, and I saw them -- two angels flying back to their home in Heaven.