Saturday, September 22, 2012

What I Did To The Sun Today

Usually I treat the Sun with respect, referring to him as the Titan, and also as Helios and Hyperion, according him the dignity that is his due as a pre-Olympian god -- except when I don't (e.g. The Sun's Braids; and The Eye Laser-Beams of Hyperion).  However, an artist reserves the right to treat anything as a 'mere' compositional element.  Today, that is what I did with the Sun.

The result is an image that strikes me as starkly handsome and slightly humorous, one that makes me think of those tinny old homemade 'cigar-box guitars' with just a few strings stretched over'em.  Which is fine, since I love Mississippi Delta Blues.

*Here is a photo of a bunch of old cigar box guitars (thank you, Wikipedia):

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