Monday, September 10, 2012

Synchronistic Event #21

It's been a longish while since the last post of this kind, so I was glad when this happened today.  It feels like I'm right with the Tao again^

Last Wednesday there was a big celebration at work in honor of the outfit's 100-year anniversary.  I had been asked to document the proceedings with my camera, and so with my usual enthusiasm for such undertakings I ended up taking 255 photos.  I spent several evenings culling and editing them and adding funny captions to some.  The photos were then uploaded to a website for viewing by the whole staff.

This afternoon I was checking out the pictures at the website while listening to South Korean singer Baek AhYeon singing her beautiful debut single 'Sad Song', casually clicking past both my photos and others' uploads, and just as she went "Nŏ, nŏ, nŏ" in my ear this image popped up.

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