Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Post Script to Yesterday's (July 6) Entry

About 'Avidya', the wall sculpture with the masks, here's something I forgot to mention in connection with it.

Some years back I did a little job for my good friend Evelyn. She was looking to have some ornamental vines in relief added to the front of her house, similar to the ones she remembered from the facade of Warner Brothers studios before they were lost in an earthquake in '93.

So Ev brought me a photograph of those vines, and I sculpted a copy in clay (blown up several times larger, of course). Through her connections at Warners Ev managed to have it cast in plaster, which were then attached to the wall of her house, as in the photo (no, her house isn't listing from the earthquake -- perhaps Ev was standing with her left foot in a hole when she took this photo :D).

Later, when I decided I had enough little faces on the floor and it was time to mount them in a proper frame for display, Ev volunteered her boyfriend Spike's (who is a wonderful craftsman) services. It was he who built the 5-piece frame, measuring some 17 and a half feet in total length (for which mucho thanks!).

BTW, the mold the WB shop guys made for casting the vines is probably still there on the lot somewhere, packed away in storage; and so in a minor, tenuous sort of way, my handiwork is now part of Hollywood history.

P.S. Spike also makes wonderful prop swords for movies and TV (and sometimes also wields them himself in action scenes); if anyone reading this ever needs a saber, rapier, dagger, halberd, poleaxe or suchlike item made, feel free to leave a comment with the request (serious only, please) and I will bring it to Spike's attention.

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