Monday, June 17, 2013

Yet Another UFO

Just that -- an unknown thingy, flying or floating in the sky.  For all I can tell, it's a bunch of tied-together balloons.  But anyway, here is my disclaimer:  I do not believe in little grey aliens with big black slanty eyes (or the old-time ones that looked like handsome Scandinavian people in silver jumpsuits^);  I do not believe space folk are coming here in spaceships to abduct people, perform creepy experiments on them and breed with humans;  I do not believe extraterrestrial creatures, if we ever come across any, would look anything like us anyway;  and I think people who believe the things I just listed are, well, not very critical in their thinking.  Anyway, in one of the shots I took today during my midday walk there was this V-shaped whatsis, near the very top of the photo.

While I am interested in the UFO phenomenon -- as I am in: #1. all unusual things seen in the sky;  and #2. odd and mysterious things in general -- I am not one of those avid UFO 'hunters'/space watchers by any means (you could probably tell that from the above run-on paragraph).  Since this is the fourth or fifth or sixth time I just happened to photograph one -- and mostly just around the office -- since I started blogging in 2010, I must conclude that, either the skies over Downey, California are particularly rich in unusual aerial objects, or what is more likely, there are a heck of a lot of strange objects flitting about overhead that we simply don't notice, just because we are not paying attention.

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