Thursday, May 30, 2013


Some time ago I put away the origami cranes in a carton.  Then recently I took them back out.  My plan is to have them glued to a stiff board and placed in a custom-made plexiglass frame for permanent display, just like a painting, and I wanted to get an idea of the dimensions of such a frame.

Good thing I did too, because it turned out I had laughably underestimated the size of the frame that would be required, if I were to house all 1000 cranes together in a single frame, as I had optimistically planned.

That simply would not be practical unless one had the indoor display capacity of a gallery, as I found out once I began laying them out in a rectangular format.

That's just 200 -- one-fifth of the total, and it already takes up an area measuring approximately 43 inches by 32 inches.  To my mind that probably approaches the practical limit of manageability for ordinary plexiglass frames.  I could be wrong, but I would want to err (well) on the side of caution.

Maybe 250 per would be all right, or even 333?  But then I would have to do some fast juggling in order to divide them into 3 identically and pleasingly proportioned rectangles somehow, without any left over.  Could the middle one have some special feature in the center that would allow for unequal distribution among the three, à la 'Avidya' below?  Maybe :).  This is something I will have to work on.

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