Wednesday, May 29, 2013

'Neighborhood Butterfly'

Strictly speaking, this post should be titled 'Random Flitting Object #2' -- but I think this may be the same butterfly I encountered several weeks ago in the same parking lot ('Random Flitting Object', April 9), which would make it a Neighborhood Butterfly, like a Neighborhood Stray Cat or Neighborhood Thrift Shop.  I find the phrase amusing.

Not that I'm proud of it or anything, but I'm willing to bet no one has ever assigned the 'Neighborhood X' role to a butterfly or, indeed, any insect before (as in, "Bugger that neighborhood cicada!  It's so LOUD!").

And what if one or more of the earthworms I rescued from the sidewalk and returned to the soil were 'repeaters'?  That would certainly qualify them as 'Neighborhood Worms' (in addition to being dangerously immune to learning from a  mistake), which I find even more amusing.

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