Saturday, March 30, 2013

Childish Fascination

I have always been fascinated by those little knock-'em-down-and-they-get-right-back-up dolls (nobody I asked knew exactly what these toys are called in English -- I know some people call them roly-polies, but that sounds too informal to be their 'real' name;  Wikipedia says they are also known as 'tumblers' and that does sound way better).  I suppose it's the same seeming defiance of gravity that also draws me to clouds and floating things in general.  So anyway, last week I made one out of this plastic Easter egg.

Once I saw it in action, though, I felt I should have experimented with weighting the pointy end -- wouldn't the sight of an 'upside-down' egg be much more intriguing and odd?  But that's probably an impractical goal.  To make that work, you would need a small yet extremely heavy weight, like a steel bearing or lead shot or some such, which I don't have.

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