Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Fun Coincidence

A few nights ago I watched a movie on DVD, a Korean production called 'Dancing Queen'.  It's a comedy about a Seoul housewife who gets a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to realize her dream;  in her youth she had dreamed of becoming a singer-dancer, but then she got married and what with the daily struggle to make ends meet and see her husband through law school, her dream was forgotten.  This time, she is determined not to let it slip through her fingers, and accepts the offer without telling her husband.  But then the hubby gets a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of his own -- he is plucked out of obscurity by the local political machine to be a mayoral candidate, and our heroine is confronted by a dilemma:  not only would it be unseemly in conservative South Korea for a political candidate's wife to put on a sexy costume and shake her booty for the world to see, but it would be a fatal blow to the hubby's campaign if it came out that his wife had been keeping him in the dark about leading a double life as a K-pop idol -- can a man who cannot even 'govern' his own wife be trusted to govern a city of 10 million souls? (I know that sounds very sexist, but it's in the context of a mudslinging campaign and the movie addresses the point later).  Below are stills from the movie, courtesy of the internet:

It's a fun, fast-paced production with wonderful, funny yet touching performances from Uhm JungHwa as the wife and Hwang JungMin as the husband, and there's even an inspiring message at the end, and y'all should go out and see it if you can^^ -- but anyway, what this post is really about is this:  in the obligatory soul-searching scene in which the heroine is seen sitting alone, weighing her options, the room is lit by the dim light of a single ornamental lamp next to the couch -- and suddenly I recognized the lamp as identical to mine, which was sitting on a table just 5 feet from the one on the TV screen!

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