Friday, November 9, 2012

The Front And The Back Of A Cloud


As I was pulling out of the office parking lot, I observed this con'trail.

Then, a while later on the freeway, I saw it again -- but this time it was tilted in the opposite direction.  It seems I had driven around it and was now seeing it from the other side.

Now I feel just a little as if I'd gone through Alice's mirror and am now inhabiting the other half of space, like the science fiction character who was turned around his axis through the fourth dimension and became his own mirror image (I wish I could remember the author and title!).  The protagonists of the Korean movie 'Into the Mirror'/거울 속으로 (2003), and the Hollywood movie loosely based on it, 'Mirrors' (2008) [HERE BE MOVIE SPOILERS] suffer somewhat similar fates, although what ultimately happens to them is unknown, since the movies end with their realizing they have 'passed through'.

I don't, however, expect what happened to that unfortunate man in the story to happen to me -- he starved even though he ate normally, because the dextro- and levo- (the right- and left-handed) molecules of the food he ate no longer fit his flipped-over body.  In fact, according to my bathroom scale, I would do well to eat a little less.

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