Saturday, November 17, 2012

Yet Another Vanishing Building


Today it drizzled off and on all day long.  The City of Angels appeared gray, enveloped as it was in a light mist that blurred the boundary between land and sky and seemingly brought everything closer.  One had to exercise particular caution driving because... well, in sunny L.A., the moment raindrops dampen the pavement -- be they ever so precious few -- people seem to forget how to drive.  And thus it was that I was slowly making my way down Western Avenue through the heart of Koreatown, when I happened to notice this odd sight.

In old Warner Bros. cartoon shorts, 'vanishing cream' meant literally that -- you put it on, and you vanished.  Well, it looks like a product like that exists in real life.  Obviously someone had just started to give that building a coat of 'invisibility paint', then had to stop when it started to rain.

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