Thursday, August 22, 2013

Another OCD-Sufferer-With-A-Camera Moment

*OCD = Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Yesterday morning I took a walk along my usual path behind the courthouse next to my office building.  As I approached a light pole I happened to look up at the back of the traffic sign affixed to it.  I noticed a pair of tiny circular holes, placed symmetrically, through which I could see the sky.  They were rivet holes that would normally be used for attaching the sign, except they were not needed in this case due to the different method of attachment.

I could also see patches of the sky through the innumerable irregular holes between the leaves of the jacaranda tree some dozens of feet beyond the pole, and as I walked closer I noticed a tiny, somewhat regular hole in the foliage, visually right next to the right rivet hole in the sign.  Of course, due to the swaying movement of the branches in the breeze the hole continuously changed its size, shape and position.  Now it would widen, now it would disappear altogether.  And the tiny views of the sky I could see through the holes in the traffic sign also kept changing, as the tree's leaves were partly visible through them as well.

An inspiration struck me then, and I stopped, turned on my camera -- I always have it with me -- aimed, and waited for the breeze to cooperate.

After 63 frames I thought I had the perfect shot.  In the miniature view in the LCD screen of the camera it did look good;  however, when I went back into the office and zoomed in, it was anything but.  So I went back out in the afternoon and took 13 more shots -- but by then the light had changed and I did not like the shadow-filled image...

This morning I went back out and took a dozen more shots, and this time I was fairly certain I had obtained the result I was looking for -- and I was right.  And so it was that after 88 shots of the exact same subject, I was able to obtain the below image -- about as close to the ideal goal as I could realistically expect.

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