Thursday, July 4, 2013


At work there is someone in another department who keeps a jar of candy for anyone to dip into, bless 'er.  Yesterday I took a Hershey's Miniature Krackel bar from it, and after enjoying its crisp, crackly puffed-rice-and-chocolate goodness I made an origami crane out of the foil wrapper.  It turned out well and I decided to photograph it.  Only then did it occur to me that it would have been a nice idea to have the Krackel crane sitting on a Krackel bar pedestal.  So I went back to get another Krackel mini bar from the jar, and wouldn't you know it, I had just eaten the last one.  I did not want to wait for however many days until she refilled the jar, feeling antsy the whole time, so I decided to make do with a Dark Chocolate mini bar.  On the way back I ran into someone and we started yakking -- and before I knew it, I had unthinkingly unwrapped and eaten half the bar.  I really did not want to eat another one, so I just used the half that was left.

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