Friday, August 24, 2012

Scary Car Face

One needn't have seen animated movies to know that cars have faces.  And not just at their front ends, but at their back ends, too (at night this is especially obvious, as many tail lights are designed to resemble eyes).  I guess one might therefore say cars come with personalities of their own.  For example, this car, with its goofy, toothy smile, obviously has a happy-go-lucky, cheery character:

This next one, I think, has a stolid and dignified disposition, like, say, Bambi's or Simba's father:

This one looks very alert -- rather overly so in fact, like someone who's drunk way too much coffee:

And this one's fanatical stare reminds me of all those megalomaniacal supervillains from Saturday-morning cartoons and b-movies, bent on world conquest -- I can almost hear the laughter: "Mwahahahahaha--!"

Here is one that's looking pretty pissed-off about something -- maybe somebody cut it off...

This one is obviously reptilian, since it has the unblinking, expressionless gaze of a snake (a black mamba, maybe^):

So much for the amusing ones.  This last one, however, actually creeped me out today as I drove home from the Westside.  It looked for all the world like a skull.  Maybe with a slight Aztec flavor.  And I had to follow behind it down a good stretch of 6th Street, looking into the grinning face of Death.  Oy.

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