Monday, June 25, 2012

Paper Crane Project Update

Panel #8 added (finally).

Wow, I thought 43 cranes would be enough for a new panel, but I guess it's been so long since the last update that I'd totally lost the feel of it.  It looks like the previous update had twice as many birds.

I did make this giant crane this time though -- I think it should count as more than one... no?  Or maybe not.

There is one slightly unsettling thing about the giant crane.  I made it out of recycled wrapping paper printed with frogs, which made for an attractively colorful appearance.  Only some time later did I remember that cranes eat frogs, and having frogs appear on the body of a crane is comparable to the unforgettably unpleasant last scene in Roger Corman's original black-and-white Little Shop of Horrors (1960).  At the end of the movie the man-eating plant, having consumed a number of people and grown huge, blooms with giant flowers, and in the flowers appear the faces of its victims.  I watched it on TV when I was a kid, and I was left horrified by that scene.  Even now, many years and many gross-out movies later, the memory of it still echoes with a certain revulsion.  Rather a pity -- it's such a pretty crane^.

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