Friday, May 25, 2012

Pigeons At The Movies

Today I finally went to see The Avengers at the AMC 20 multiplex in Norwalk, with friends Scott and Andrea.  We had planned originally to go a couple of weeks before, but personal circumstances had kept us from going together until now.  Anyway, the movie turned out to be well worth the wait and we enjoyed ourselves immensely... however, that is not the point of today's entry.

This is.

As we left the theater we noticed a pair of pigeons had set up housekeeping in a trash receptacle just outside the doors.  They must have just built the nest while we were inside watching the show, since I'm quite certain we would have seen it on the way in if it had been there earlier.

I'm not overly fond of pigeons myself -- for one thing, I think there are way too many in Los Angeles leaving way too many messes on people's balconies -- but I have to say this was pretty adorable.  And strictly in terms of opportunistic (I don't mean that in a bad way), ad hoc architectural design it's an admirable job;  that depression looks the perfect size and shape to fit a nest in (at first I wondered how the birds managed to plug the hole, but now I realize the top part must be an ashtray).

I'm sorry to say though, that I don't foresee a particularly happy outcome for this avian attempt at urban domesticity.  Once the theater staff became aware of the situation they would probably be obliged to clear the premises of unauthorized squatters forthwith, for hygienic reasons.  Also, once curious humans started milling in for a closer look, Mr. Pigeon might well attempt to keep them away from Mrs. Pigeon by forcible means, which would necessitate an equally forcible response to keep theater patrons safe from the wrath of the pigeon.  I hope the lovebirds will give up and relocate voluntarily before such a fate befalls them -- they can always lay more eggs somewhere else.

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