Friday, January 31, 2014

More Fun With Der Erlkönig

The other day while listening to my favorite lied, 'Der Erlkönig', yet again (both the Schubert and the Carl Loewe versions), I started idly doodling the sinister figure of the Elf King -- the spirit of the forest who can deal death invisibly to humans to satisfy his whims -- to go with the song.  Then I got the bright idea of coloring it in with  I'm still learning to use the program and I've never actually drawn with it before, so the result was necessarily very basic (O.K., primitive^^), but I was surprised by how so much like a watercolor or block print it looked.

After coloring and darkening it, as a finishing touch I squashed it vertically with Windows Paint.  I rather like the result.  Looks like a page out of a children's book -- for older children^^.

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