Friday, December 27, 2013

I Fall Off The Wagon

Since November I've lost 10 pounds.  On my last checkup visit my doctor said in no unequivocal terms that if current trends continue, I would definitely develop problems in the future (there are probably few things your doctor can say that are scarier than "definitely"); the trends having to do with my weight and diet-related factors.  I wasn't exactly overweight, but I was clearly heading in that direction.  So I took it upon myself to reform my eating habits.  I'm not counting calories or doing anything so scientific and strict -- that would be out of character^ -- but just eating a little less and being sensible all around.  And it was working very well.

On the other hand, the month before the winter holidays is not a great time to begin a weight-loss regimen.  I gained back a couple of pounds.

By the way, that is not how my neck normally looks.  In this shot I was 'turtling' back from the cupcake.

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