Friday, October 12, 2012

Dinocloud Returns!

How glad I am to see that it's still around, apparently in good health (don't know if the term can be applied to beings made of cloud, though) and still as hungry as ever, from the looks of it.

I first spotted 'Dino' four and a half years ago, in April, 2008, when it was clearly a juvenile.  I have observed it twice more subsequently, the last time being nearly a year ago -- when it had grown up and also grown enormously fat.  And of course, I duly photographed it each time and posted the pictures here.   It looks like Dino has shed a good deal of that weight since then, and I'm glad for it.  But I guess it's possible that it's just a normal growth phase this species goes through.

It's interesting to see that, apparently, as cloud creatures grow and mature, their proportions change just as those of humans do, the most obvious changes being visible in the head;  the relatively large, bulbous cranium and small face have progressively given way to a more defined, boxier head and a proportionately larger snout (is it beginning to sprout a trunk, perhaps?), just as human heads take on a larger jawed, less rounded look as people age.

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