Monday, April 9, 2012

The Versatile Self-Adhesive Gauze Bandage

This past Saturday I went to give blood at the Red Cross again, and while there I made two interesting discoveries:

#1. They will not let you take a picture of the needle being inserted into your arm -- there's some kind of legal restriction;  although the phlebotomist attending to me wasn't too sure of the technical details, she said they could get into trouble for allowing me to shoot the needle actually going in;  once it's in, it's fine to photograph it.

#2. The colorful self-adhesive bandage (most often blood-red) they use to bind you up after you're done,

which usually looks like this once it comes off,

is used by someone on the staff there to make 'roses':

Actually, I had already found another and more practical, if less poetic, use for it long before.  In my loft I've got noren curtains separating the sleeping nook from the rest of the space, and I used the same material to make finials for the curtain rod.


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