Sunday, August 8, 2010

Odd Little Synchronicity (#1)

The other day at work I was idly checking out this Spanish-language children's book. At the same time I was also listening to K-pop (South Korean pop music) through the ear bud in my right ear (the left one being defunct since I accidentally dropped it in coffee). Girl group T-ara was singing 'Lies'.

Just as my eyes reached the word 'Nana' on the page, T-ara began the chorus which begins with "Na, Na, Na, Na" ("I, I, I, I").

This sort of coincidence has happened to me numerous times before, but I believe this is the first time it happened across the language barrier.

[In case you're curious, here's the song:

O.K., so it's music for teenyboppers, and I'm old enough to be the girls', ahem, uncle, but they're cute and so is the song :D The NaNaNaNa part comes right at the end]

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